Maurgold's Aureate Jade UD, CGC, TT - Golden Retriever

Picture of Jade

Picture of Jade

Jade was bred by one of my fellow programmers in Vernon, Connecticut, Maureen Dabrowski. Maureen owned Jade's mother Jasmine and brought her to work, along with her other dog Micah, to show off what they could do in obedience. We all were impressed and when Jasmine was bred, Maureen didn't have to do very much arm twisting to convince me to buy a puppy.

Jade was my first golden and my first obedience dog. She was always such a good girl, except for one day when she began destroying the laundry room floor. She always tried very hard to please me and she loved her social outings as she viewed going to class. She hated competing in obedience trials in regular classes though, although she thought that competing in Brace with Rhett was lots of fun.
Jade was born February 27, 1983 and died July 13, 1995.

Pedigree for Jade

Multiple Generation Pedigree for Maurgold's Aureate Jade

Genetic information available with 5 Generation Hip Pedigree and 5 Generation Longevity Pedigree
(Click on 5 Generation Pedigree to access at K9DATA web site)

Small Picture of  Jade Small Picture of  Jade Small Picture of  Jade Small Picture of  Jade

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