[Aureate Maurgold] Mimi's Liza at Silver Lining (Liza)

Born November 24, 2006 - Died January 26, 2010 in a tragic accident, a head-on collision with her favorite playmate, a lab

MACH2 Breezie Micah's Masterpiece UDX2 ADHF CCA CGC
x Maurgold Clark Aureate Nessa UD NA OAJ CGC

K9DATA web site with Multiple Generation Pedigree

Liza's New Home at Silver Lining Farm
Silver Lining Farm

Small Picture of Liza

Small Picture of Liza

 Liza - January 3,2009

 Liza on January 3,2009

Small Picture of Liza

Small Picture of Pups

Small Picture of Pups

 Visiting Liza with her family on
January 3,2009

 Bye to Gracie and Liza
on January 19, 2007

 Puppies with their Mom on
January 19th - Liza (front)
and Gracie next to Nessa

Small Picture of puppy

Small Picture of Pups

 Liza (White Collar) - January 14, 2007

 Liza on January 1,2007 - White Collar

Small Picture of puppies

 Puppies on January 2,2007 - Just the Girls - Liza is to the right of Teeter

SmallPicture of puppies

SmallPicture of puppy

  Puppies next day - 11/25/2006

  Puppies at 58 days after conception (just whelped)

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