Maurgold's Aureate Rhett CDX, CGC, TT - Golden Retriever

Am & Can Ch Clark's Micah Angelo CDX x Maurgold's Spring Serenade CD

Picture of Rhett

Picture of Rhett

Rhett was the love of my life and my second Maurgold golden from my friend Maureen in Marlborough, Connecticut. Jade, my first golden, and Sarah, Rhett's mother, were littermates. Maureen bred Sarah to her champion golden Micah and I was lucky enough to get one of the two puppies in the litter. I always had thought Micah was absolutely beautiful with a fantastic personality and I was very fortunate that Rhett turned out to have both Micah's personality as well as his beautiful head. The breeding between Sarah and Micah was repeated and my Dylan was the grandson of a female from that litter, Maurgold's Clark Mercedes. His niece Nessa is Mercy's great granddaughter. And, of course, my Micah was a half-brother to Rhett as both were sons of Clark's Micah Angelo.

Rhett was born March 11, 1985 and died February 11, 1995.

Pedigree for Rhett

Multiple Generation Pedigree for Maurgold's Aureate Rhett

Genetic information available with 5 Generation Hip Pedigree and 5 Generation Longevity Pedigree
(Click on 5 Generation Pedigree to access at K9DATA web site)

Small Picture of  Rhett Small Picture of  Rhett Small Picture of  Rhett
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